My Tiktok video got 3 MILLION views!

Updated: Mar 3

Okay, if you're still sleeping on TikTok, I don't know what to tell you. I'm been having a lot of fun creating content on there, and growing really fast (like 10,000 followers in once week fast). A milestone I hit last week was over 1 million views on a video. It's actually now at over 3 million views, and over 200,000 likes. Instagram could NEVER! The craziest thing is that these numbers will continue to grow indefinitely so long as TikTok exists.

The video itself is pretty simple, it's an Instagram story tutorial on how to create a flashing background using a GIF. It's not an original idea. I have seen this "hack" in multiple videos on TikTok. It feels a bit weird to have a video blow up to that level when I didn't come up with the idea, but TikTok is called the copy cat app for a reason. Well, at least this is what I keep telling myself.

The video in question.... *drum roll*

A few reasons why I think this video performed so well... Firstly, it's an instagram story tutorial which a lot of people post on TikTok by screen-recording the process (I've done a few of these). For this video, I filmed myself doing the "hack" in real-time using my boyfriend's iPad. Shoutout to Mac for letting me use this device. You can obviously also use another phone, camera or other device that records video. I think this makes a huge difference because it just levels up the production quality of your video. People can can also see what you are doing clearly because they can see your fingers tapping on the various tools & elements to create the story.

Another reason that I think this video did well is that it's an impressive trick, but it's fairly easy to execute. People like to flex, especially on Instagram. They want their followers to slide into their DMs to ask "How did you do that???". This video taught people someone that they can use for their own personal gain (no mater how "small" that gain is).

Speaking of production value, definitely add in a voiceover so that people can follow your tutorial. An extra step would be to add subtitles for people who are watching with their sound off, and of course, to make it more accessible to people who are hearing impaired. I didn't do this in this video but it's something that I'm going to make an effort to do in the future.

Below, you'll see screenshots of the analytics from this video. If you're still doubting the power of TikTok, just check out that watch time. This video has been played for almost 20,000 hours. That's insane!

If you're creating content on TikTok, comment your username below and I'll be sure to give your page some love. Happy creating!