Let's talk about TikTok.

Updated: Mar 3

The low down

There's a lot of buzz going around about TikTok right now. Most people are like, "Wait - isn't it just a bunch of kids on there?" And then there's people who work in marketing like Gary Vee who can't stop talking about it. People are predicting it's going to be the next "Instagram" and that ads are soon going to take over.

I got onto the app because my friend Kayley Reed started posting about her experience on TikTok on Instagram. She went viral within just a few weeks, and amassed over 10k followers within a month. That is INSANE growth. We haven't seen that type of growth since the early early days of Instagram.

My journey

I downloaded it near the end of 2019 (I think November), and I started just consuming content. I was immediately hooked. The videos that people are posting (especially young people, like 13-17) are SO creative, funny, authentic, and honestly, just a really nice break from the ultra-curated cookie-cutter bullshit on Instagram. I started making videos in December of last year with no particular aesthetic, niche or theme in mind. Cooking, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, comedy, etc. Literally anything I felt like posting. As of January 29th, 2020, I now have 2,231 followers. I've had like 5 or 6 videos go viral (a couple hundred thousand views), and one video has over 690k views. Some people are shocked by theses numbers and that it seems like a lot of people are going viral on TikTok, but TikTok has 700 million active daily users, and with most people consuming hours of content (with the max. length being 60 seconds), that's A LOT of content being watched.

The network effect

I think the reason that people are really focused on TikTok right now, and how easy it is to grow on there is because as the app currently exists, it's a social network with a true network effect. It doesn't matter how many followers you have, if your content is good, TikTok will push it out to more people, and then more people engage with your content (likes/comments/average time watched/rewatched), the more TikTok will push it out to larger and larger audiences. If people like your video, the exposure is exponential. It's really fun and satisfying to watch.


The content on TikTok reminds me of Vine. I used to be obsessed with Vine. I used to save videos and binge-watch them when I needed a laugh. I miss Vine. TikTok has a similar vibe. I honestly can't get over how funny, creative and relatable these teens are on TikTok. I've noticed that this younger generation's humour is really quite vulnerable. They talk about their struggles. They talk about their mental health challenges. It's refereshing. It makes it relatable, and really funny, in my opinion. I'm so impressed and I'm excited to see more people create content like this and join the TikTok bandwagon, cause it's the best.

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